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Promote an understanding of neuroscience research within the educational community. We hope to achieve this goal by promoting neuroscience research that has implications for educational practice and by providing a forum for the issues and controversies connecting these two fields.

Sunday, July 22, 2018
BNE-SIG Annual Meeting

Each year AERA hosts a national conference. Our SIG receives a number of sessions based on the size of our membership.

Your membership in the SIG is important and helps us provide a venue for authors and researchers. General information about this year's conference will be available on the AERA Annual Meeting site.

For AERA Vancouver 2012 conference details 

BNE SIG 2012 Program:

Friday, April 13, 6:15-7:45pm 
Business Meeting 
Sheraton Wall Centre, Floor Third Level - South Pavilion Ballroom B

Saturday, April 14, 10:35am-12:05pm
 Roundtable – “Issues in Brain, Neuroscience, and Education”
Sheraton Wall Centre, Floor Third Level - South Orca

Saturday, April 14, 2:15pm-3:45pm
 Symposium – “Twice Exceptionality: Insight into Paradoxical Learners Through Neurological and Neuropsychological Investigation”
Sheraton Wall Centre, Floor Third Level - South Pavilion Ballroom A

Sunday, April 15, 8:15-10:15am
 Symposium – “Translating Scientific and Technological Advances from the Laboratory to the Classroom: It's About Time”
Sheraton Wall Centre, Floor Grand Ballroom Level - North Grand Ballroom B

Sunday, April 15, 2:15-3:45pm
 Poster Session – “Imaging Studies in Educational Neuroscience”
Vancouver Convention Center, Floor First Level - East Ballroom B

2010 Conference in Colorado
Brian Butterworth Debby Zambo
Sashank Varma Enrique Ortiz
Top left: Brain Butterworth; Top right: Debby Zambo; Bottom left: Sashank Varma; Bottom right: Enrique Ortiz
Pictures courtesy of Debby Zambo and Mike Chapman
San Diego, 2004
Expert Session San Diego 2004. From left: Read Diket, Bruce McCandliss, Kurt Fischer, John Gabrieli, Todd Braver, Monica Luciana.
Chicago, 2003
Expert Session Chicago 2003. From left: Patricia Carpenter, Michael Posner, Howard Gardner, Antonio Damasio, and Read Diket.


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